Galveston & Morgan | Wedding Reception | Guthrie, OK

One of my favorite things about being a DJ is how much I get to travel. I have grown to admire a lot of the places that I visit frequently because they’ve all created special memories. Every now-and-then I have the opportunity to venture out to a new location and be amazed at what I didn’t know was right under my nose. Thank you Guthrie & The Dominion House for giving me that feeling yet again!

This late November wedding would introduce me to The Dominion House & Guthrie, Oklahoma for the first time and I was not ready for the beauty that I discovered in both. Galveston & Morgan picked the perfect venue to match the aesthetic of their Big Day!


The reception was very smooth. A nice mix of young and old grooved on the dance floor to Fall Out Boy, Earth Wind & Fire and Black Eyed Peas. The vibes were good the entire evening and even brought me out from behind the booth to jam with the newlyweds and their guests!

Check out these candids shot by Ashley Layden Photography

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