Trevor & Kourtney | Wedding Reception | Integrity Hills, MO

Branson, Missouri was all the hype as I visited the popular vacation town for the first time in May earlier this year. My reason for being there? Trevor & Kourtney’s big day!

The five hour drive was quite a sight to be seen. I made a detour through Fayetteville, Arkansas to visit a friend and ended up traveling along very beautiful stretch of US Highway 412 winding through the Ozark Mountains and various national parks, forrests and reservations.

Integrity Hills was a grand venue, located just south of Branson. The reception space had tall ceilings, wooden walls and eclectic chandeliers. From the moment I introduced the newly weds, the evening flowed with ease like a calm stream. The attendees, both young & old, had a wonderful time on the dance floor.

I enjoyed my time in the uncharted territory. Although a short trip, my weekend get-a-way had the perfect balance of business and adventure.

Photos by: Lela and Lyla (Instagram: LelaAndLyla)

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