DJ LiTEBRiTE | High Fives | Dallas, TX

A breezy, cool August night headlined by the historic Mayweather/McGreggor fight did not disappoint as I made my DJ debut at a popular North Dallas Bar.

High Fives, known for its roofless structure, enthusiastic staff and house party vibes filled to capacity moments after Floyd Mayweather gained his 50th win. They came in droves. 250 socialites were drinking, dancing and taking selfies by midnight. The Knox Henderson establishment was jumping!

“If you’re having a good time tonight say ‘HEY!'”


The 90s and 2000s throwbacks had the crowd jamming as if the songs were brand new. Spice Girls, Blackstreet, and Lil Jon blared through the High Fives’ speakers until the party shut down at 2am. The vibe was right the entire night and I couldn’t have asked for a better first show.

Photos by: Melissa Hollis (Instagram: @MemoriesWithMel)

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